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Our Mission is to build relations between Faith Leaders, the Richmond Police Department and community members to help increase the peace and welfare of that community.



To create a best practice that will be used around the city so that other cities and counties can follow.



In the past few months, the number of youth homicides have dropped. That's terrific! Unfortunately homicides and high crimes in Richmond are still continuing to happen at an alarming rate. Repeating words from little Markiya Simone Dickson’s father, “everybody keeps going down the same path just to get the same results”, as he said after burying his 9 year old daughter hit and killed by a stray bullet from a gun after an argument on a basketball court. 

So, Faith Leaders and RPD Officers put our minds together to come up with a way to help the community better and we realized the best way to help is not so much to offer the help after bad things have happend, but to offer it before it gets so bad. Through Relationship Building, we hope to be able to help many people with resources before things turn from bad to worse.


Our Team Members are Faith Leaders, RPD Officers, and dedicated community leaders. We have created teams that work apart, yet together to determine and deliver the help needed to the community members who sign up with us.

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