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The Richmond Guardian Angels and a coalition of Community Leaders and Faith  Leaders have come together to be intentional in building relations to help increase the peace and welfare of that community.



To create a best practice that will be used around the city so that other cities and counties can follow.


Homicides and high crimes in Richmond are continuing to happen at an alarming rate. Repeating words from little Markiya Simone Dickson’s father, “everybody keeps going down the same path just to get the same results”, as he said after burying his 9 year old daughter hit and killed by a stray bullet from a gun after an argument on a basketball court. It’s time to do something different, or better yet, get back to what worked….. relationships.

The Mission is to catch people at their most vulnerable times to help them before their situation turns damaging to themselves, their family and the community. Through these relationships we hope people will start to feel comfortable enough with their Building Team Member to reach out to them for help rather than trying to handle things on their own. Those reach out moments would then be handled by the Resource Team if the Building Team is unable to assist. If the Community Member is a person of faith but is not a committed member of a church, we would also connect this with a church in the community for prayer resources.


We are a TEAM because Together Everyone Achieves More! 


We need a dedicated Relationship Building Team which consist of 3 different teams, The Connecting Team, the Building Team, and the Resource Team. The Connecting Team would come out once or twice a month to sign up community members whom the Building Team will split up and call occasionally to do check-ins.