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Faith Leaders

Richmond Police Department

Community Leaders

Homicides in Richmond are continuing to happen at an alarming rate. Mother and daughter above were gunned down while enjoying a beautiful day in their yard when gunfire rang out between 2 rival gangs.  Repeating words from little Markiya Simone Dickson’s father, “everybody keeps going down the same path just to get the same results”, as he said after burying his 9 year old daughter hit and killed by a stray bullet from a gun after an argument on a basketball court. 

Organizations and churches have been doing surveys, prayer walks, feeding people, and having events with resource tables. Those things are all good and necessary but they’re not continuous support. So, Faith Leader, the Richmond Police Department, and other community leaders worked diligently to bring this continues support initiative to communities where crime and homicides are prevalent. The goal is to bring resources that help fight violence and the mentality that cause depression, loneliness, anger and other mental illnesses that contribute to the high crime numbers, at the onset of the problems not after they have grown so large that they are detrimental to themselves, their families and their communities. In other words, we're helping to go from Reactive to Proactive.

We start with our Connection Team who does community walks connecting community members with Relationship Builders. The Relationship Builders keep in contact with the community members to listen for problems they may need resources for. The Resource Team helps to quickly get the resources they need.


We do not approach community members to connect them to a church or faith, however, during the calls, the Relationshbip Builders will ask what they can pray for. As their connection becomes stronger, we expect them to share where they are in their faith.


Join us! Become a TEAM Member.



The Connection Team is the first contact with the community members. They are the ones that go door to door giving the community members a packet of resources and collecting their information for continued communications with them. This information is given to the Relationship Builders. 


This is where we can be more proactive than reactive. When families share things with the Relationship Buildings that call for resources  to be deployed, the Resource Team is ready to connect people with those resources. Those resources include assistance such as homelessness, pregnancy resources, marriage and pre-marriage counseling, depression, bullying, etc. 


This is the team to keep it all together. They work on the details to accomplish our mission,

the where, when, what and how. They collect the data and keep records. 



Below are the items we will be tracking. This is to keep you abreast of how many community members we are connecting with and especially how many people are receiving those needed resources.




Number of walks

Number of people who walked

Number of Community members info collected



Number of calls made to community members



Number of people who received employment resources

Number of CM who found employment

Number of people who received housing resources

Number of people who found housing

Number of people who received Food resources

Number of people who received food assistance

Number of people who received domestic violence resources

Number of people who received domestic violence assistance



The contact information from the Connection Team is given to the Relationship Builders. They are the ones that make the calls to build trust with the families they are given so that they start to confide in them.  The calls could be monthly, quarterly, or however they work it out with their families. No relationship builder will have more than 10 families. 

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